PLAYful Design LAB ( Prague, Czech Republic, EU )


We truly believe : We are all gifted ~ EVERYONE!

  • We SIMPLY do PLAYful Design

We help kids of all ages to learn skills quickly and smoothly by encouraging them to explore our PLAYful Designs.

For this we build meaningful Creativity Tools & DIY PROTOTYPES helping kids to discover magic of Tinkering ~ creatively combining thinks.

::: DYSgenio učí děti dovenostem a zručnosti :::

My podporujeme a popagujeme Hravé Rodičovství

= = Jak Hravé Skládání a tak Hravé Stavění = =

We provide kids with a smart tinkering skills, they are even powerful enough to solve large kids problems like Learning Dysabilites including inspirational real world interactions for kids with upcoming Digital Kids Syndrome - DYSartificia - Unskilfulness as a result of virtual world fascinations.

PLAYful Design is older sister of Gamification. We are working on researching PLAYful Design Principles and we will like to create INDEPENDENT PLAYful Design & Visualiation LAB in heart of Europe (in most beautiful town in the world) Prague, Czech Republic, EU.

We welcome ideas how we can cover cots of our prototypes, minimum you can do for us now is to follow us on YouTube,Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and LinkedIN to help our community to grow. Fell free to send us message: PLAYful-Design-LAB + our Domain Name or call us using Skype dysgenio.

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